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The EU-funded project INNODERM will develop a novel optoacoustic device for earlier non-invasive skin cancer diagnosis. INNODERM is driven by an international research team consisting of Technical University of Munich, Humanitas University of Milan, iThera Medical GmbH, RayFos Ltd. and Sonaxis SA.

Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT) brings a revolution to bio-optical imaging. Being insensitive to photon scattering, MSOT dramatically improves upon conventional bio-optic barriers by enabling

three-dimensional high-resolution optical imaging deep inside tissues (several millimetres to centimetres),

high-scalability, ranging from optical-resolution microscopy to acoustic-resolution optical mesoscopy and macroscopy

novel label-free  anatomical, physiological and molecular contrast at the tissue and single-cell-level , based on spectrally-resolved optical absorption.

Driven by leading dermatologists and market leading SMEs in optoacoustic and ultrasound technology, INNODERM will design and prototype a handheld, portable, scalable, label-free RSOM device for point-of care dermatology applications. INNODERM brings together key photonic & ultrasound technologies and will validate the technical and economic viability of RSOM in dermatology suites for fast diagnosis and skin disease monitoring. RSOM can go beyond the abilities of current optical or optoacoustic devices and offers a paradigm shift in dermatology imaging, substantiating successful business cases.

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