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D6.9Press ReleaseA press release in English and German were released when the project launches to raise the public awareness for INNODERM. In addition, Matter PR has identified INNODERM as a very interesting Photonics PPP project and launched a story about it to promote it to the end user trade media in May 2016.
D1.2Project web siteThis document provides information about the INNODERM website which will be used to present the INNODERM project to the scientific and public community. The website will play a vital role in all aspects of the project for management, dissemination and communication actions. It contains a external/public and also a password protected internal area. The website will be continously updated for the whole period of the project and it will be the fasted tool to inform on the one hand interested people about the developments and results of INNODERM and on the other hand also to provide all relevant document to the members of the consortium.
D6.10First Communication KitThis document provides information about the INNODERM Communication Kit. Adequate and effective communication not only between the consortium partners but also between the consortium and the scientific and public communities is a hallmark of success. It also reflects on the transparent nature of publicly funded research enabling visibility of the project itself, the consortium partners and the use of the research funds. Since communication activities are diverse in nature, INNODERM encompasses a variety of comminication activities tailored to specific audiences.