07.08.2019 – New Publications

In July, we published two new papers on the INNODERM project. You can find full access to both papers in our section featuring our publications.


Moustakidis S., Omar M., Aguirre J., Mohajerani P., Ntziachristos V. (2019). Fully automated identification of skin morphology in raster-scan optoacoustic mesoscopy using artificial intelligence. Medical Physics. doi: 10.1002/mp.13725

Identification of morphological characteristics of skin lesions is of vital importance in diagnosing diseases with dermatological manifestations. This task is often performed manually or in an automated way based on intensity level. Recently, ultra-broadband raster-scan optoacoustic mesoscopy (UWB-RSOM) was developed to offer unique cross-sectional optical imaging of the skin. A new method (SkinSeg) based on machine learning is proposed here to enable, for the first time, automated identification of skin layers in UWB-RSOM data.


Nitkunanantharajah S., Zahnd G., Olivo M, Navab N, Mohajerani P, Ntziachristos V. (2019). Skin surface detection in 3D optoacoustic mesoscopy based on dynamic programming. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. doi: 10.1109/TMI.2019.2928393

In this paper, the authors present a novel dynamic programming approach for skin surface detection that extracts the skin boundary as a 2D surface in one single step, as opposed to consecutive extraction of several independent 1D contours. The automatic skin surface detection method can improve the speed and accuracy in the analysis of quantitative features seen on RSOM images and accelerate the clinical translation of the technique.

12.04.2019 – The Second Review Meeting in Brussels

The INNODERM Consortium met again in Brussels in April 2019 to present the progress made in the second reporting period. We received valuable feedback from the PO and our reviewers on the progress we have made so far, and received input for future steps and the next project period.

10.10.2018 – 3rd INNODERM CONSORTIUM MEETING in Munich, Germany

The 3rd INNODERM Consortium Meeting took place in Munich and was hosted by TUM.

06.-07.07.2017 2nd INNODERM CONSORTIUM MEETING in Milano, Italy

The 2nd INNODERM Consortium Meeting took place in Milano and was hosted by HUNIMED.


20.-21.10.2016 1st INNODERM CONSORTIUM MEETING in Besançon, France

The 1st INNODERM Consortium Meeting took place in Besançon and was hosted by Sonaxis.


03.03.2016 INNODERM KICK-OFF MEETING in Munich, Germany

On March 3rd 2016, the INNODERM project was launched at the Technical University of Munich.

All project partners met each other to start the project with very fruitful and successful discussions.



01.-2.03.2016 Photonics Public Private Partnership Annual Meeting 2016 in Brussels, Belgium

Prof. Ntziachristos presented the INNODERM project at the Working Group “WG3 LIFE SCIENCE AND HEALTH” session.

With more than 300 high level representatives, among whom CEOs, CTO and CFOs of many leading European photonics companies and heads of photonics research institutes, political representatives, and representatives from the European Commission, the Annual Meeting is intended to provide the Photonics community a unique opportunity to explore and contribute to the further evolution of the European Photonics strategy. The seven thematic Working Groups of the Photonics PPP will facilitate discussions, take stock of the progress in each of the areas, discuss current needs and trends, and look in to the future opportunities of the field.