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iThera Medical develops and markets biomedical imaging systems based on a novel technology called Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT). MSOT utilizes the photoacoustic effect to visualize and quantify anatomical, functional and molecular information, in vivo, in deep tissue and in real time. Today, MSOT allows the study of disease processes on a molecular level as well as the analysis of pharmacokinetic properties for new substances in small animals. MSOT also more and more promises to become a valuable tool for clinical diagnostics. iThera Medical was founded in 2010 and has commercialized MSOT with a multitude of system placements throughout the world, including several European countries, North America and Asia. It has established its own distribution and sales network, an international service capacity and is currently entering the clinical market. iThera Medical employs more than 20 scientists and engineers and has worked closely in the past with TUM/IBMI and Rayfos in implementing commercial MSOT. Together with its technical, preclinical and clinical partners iThera Medical is committed to establish optoacoustic imaging as an important imaging modality for the research of biomedical processes and clinical diagnosis and treatment follow up.

Principal Investigator: Christian Wiest

Contact: christian.wiest@ithera-medical.com

website http://www.ithera-medical.com