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HUNIMED is an international higher education institution, established in 2014 by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), and it is dedicated to research in life sciences with longstanding experience in fields such as immunology, auto-immune diseases but also neuro and cardiovascular diseases. The Department of Biomedical Sciences has BSL2 laboratories fully equipped with instruments for molecular and cellular biology research. ES manipulation room, BSL3 unit, radioactivity and microbiology room are also present. The Department of Biomedical Sciences is also equipped with facilities at the forefront of technological innovation, enabling the realization of the most complex and demanding research projects in preclinical and clinical areas. The department customarily not only uses but also designs new imaging tools for unmet dermatology needs and will play a critical role in linking the superior abilities of RSOM2 technology to critical dermatology needs.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Antonio Costanzo

Contact: antonio.costanzo@hunimed.eu

website: http://www.hunimed.eu/